Bruno Wessel


Tire Studding Information

Tekniikan Maailma Winter Tyres 2013 2013 Winter Tire Testing by Tekniikan Maailma (PDF, 3MB)
Extensive report comparing the test results of selected studded and non-studded tires.

How To And Product Videos

How To Use TSIT-9

How to use the Bruno Wessel TSIT-9 stud insertion tool equipped with 4048 mini feeder to stud a tire.
How To Use SRT Video

How to use the Bruno Wessel Stud Removal Tool (SRT) to remove studs installed in a tire.

Using The K-500A Video

Using the Bruno Wessel K-500A studding kit (BW K-5A stand, BW TSIT-9 stud gun, BWFP-9A feeder) to stud a tire.
Properly and Improperly Installed Studs

How to recognize properly and improperly installed tire studs based on appearance and protrusion.
TSIT-9 Repair Video

A walk through of repairing the BW Stud Insertion Tool (TSIT-9, TSIT-8, TSIT-11 Stud Gun) using repair kits #381, #382, #384, #385 or EYAS-KIT / AS-KIT.