Bruno Wessel

COMPAC The Jack Specialist (Since 1946)

1.5 Ton High Lift Jack

1.5 Ton High Lift Jack Features

  • Chassis Reach 43"
  • Low entry for accessing jacking points on low vehicles
  • Protective Cylinder Jacket to prevent intrusion of dirt and welding splatter
  • Additional foot pedal pumping feature provides fast saddle raising to the load

Model Cap (LBs) A B C D E F LBs (Weight) V O
1.5T-Ha 3.000 5" 32" 43" 6 7/8" 17 1/2" 41" 220 1002LF 60230

Boogie wheels are available for Compac 1.5T-HA for workshops where the jack needs to roll over small obstacles on the workshop floor.

Rubber saddle:

Differential/transmission lift: