Bruno Wessel

Mini Feeder 4048, 4048T

Mini Feeder 4048, 4048T
4048/4048T Mini Feeder Features

  • Inexpensive unit designed for fast feeding of studs into the TSIT stud tool.

  • Readily attaches with screw clamp.
  • Operates by manually turning the feeder basket.
  • Order the model 4048T for Truck Studs TSMI #19, TSMI #21 and TSMI #23.
Mini Feeder Installed On TSIT-9
TSIT-9 with Mini Feeder 4048 installed

Using The 4048 Mini Feeder

A video showing how to use the Bruno Wessel 4048 mini feeder on the TSIT-9 stud insertion tool to stud a tire.

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